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These books are dedicated to the prevention of childhood sexual abuse. May we protect the children and never ignore their cries for help. The author’s proceeds will be donated to Blue Sky Bridge.

Blue Sky Bridge is a non-profit child and family advocacy program that provides forensic interviews for child victims and crisis support for their non-offending family members. Blue Sky Bridge is committed to raising awareness about child sexual abuse, and empowering the community to put an end to it. 

Child sexual abuse is more common than most people realize. It happens to 1 out of 10 kids before they turn 18. Statistics tell us that only 10% of these kids ever disclose the abuse in childhood. Reporting the abuse to law enforcement or human services is vital for many reasons: getting the victim the support they need to begin healing, and stopping the abuse gives the child a voice and protects other children from future abuse. If you are a victim or suspect abuse, remember that there is no statute of limitations for reporting. Contact your local law enforcement or department of human services to make a report. 


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